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What is an Airdrop cryptocoin?

An airdrop cryptocoin is simply a free coin. It is shared by newly-raised projects, which try to make their first steps in the world of cryptocoins. You will mainly see here new cryptocoins, rarely Bitcoins, Etherum, Litecoin. The names of cryptocoins depend only on the ideas of their creators. Because currently, there are so many of them, the tries to select every one of them in the best possible way.

You can find here the best projects with the highest value only.

Are cryptocoins really free? How come?

Yes, really. It is nothing more than marketing activities conducted by newly-raised projects. The best way to advertise a project is to give a small amount of their currency to the recipients. Those taking part in airdrops, attract the attention of the potential investors, who, in the future, will be willing to buy greater amounts of the currency. And everyone is happy! We get free cryptocoins, the company, which put them into the market circulations, gets new groups of recipients.

We pay nothing for it, we only gain 🙂

Do the cryptocoins have a value?

Yes, they do! The value, which you can see on our site is the value set by the creators. The value sometimes differ after the full creation of the currency. With such a great number of projects, it is natural that not all of them will be successful. However, it may happen, that the value of some projects may change from $1 to $100. So, it is not possible to predict the final value of the projects. However, the most important is, that they have a value and that we can get real money for them.

What do I need to take part in it?

In most cases, you will have small and easy tasks like:

  • joining the Telegram channel
  • following Facebook
  • following Twitter

Everything, that can have a marketing value to the company which creates the project. We recommend to create a separate social media accounts for airdrops only. When you get the coins on your wallet, you can stop following the social media channels.

The most important thing is the ERC-20 wallet. We recommend MyEtherWallet because of its easy use.

Sometimes, there may appear other airdrops, in such a case, we provide the information and we may give hints on how to participate in these different airdrops.

When you use the filter, you can choose the tasks to do.

Remember! Do not show your private key to your wallet. It is your private key of access and when someone gets it, he can send the content of your wallet to his own. You can only give the public address of your wallet – it is required and you will get your cryptocoins on this address.

Where and when can I sell my cryptocoins?

When you get your cryptocoins and when they are ready to use on the stock exchange, you will be able to see their value. Then, you create the account on the stock exchange where the cryptocoin appears and you can sell it after exchanging into $, BTC, ETH.

And you can do with the money, whatever you want 🙂

When do I get coins on my wallet?

It depends on the project. You can get coins after a few days or months.

In most cases, airdrops are the first element of new currency distribution. Then comes private sale or public sale, where investors may buy the currency with the discount. When the public sale is finished, the full distribution starts to the airdrop buyers and participants. When the project does not reach the minimal limit of sales, it dies, and if so you cannot get the currency on your wallet.

Our team will try to post reports, where you can find information about the paid airdrops and about their presence on the stock exchange with the entry value.

How can I contact you?

Use the form here.

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